About Us

Tsotsie Media Production is an integrated media & entertainment company specialising in photography. Our aim is to give you the best visuals and imagery. We are based in the UK but also have close work relations with other media companies abroad. TMP is divided into a number of different sections of media we use professional equipment and have an abundance of experience, capturing your important guests and key moments from a range of angles. Event types include weddings, birthday parties, opening ceremonies, award ceremonies funerals, fundraising, conferences and many more. We also can conduct aerial photography.

We work closely with our clients to understand and capture the fun, emotion and message of their events. Helping to create wonderful memories of a lifetime.

How did you fall in love with photography?

If you take a moment to think about the world, how big it is and the things happening in/around it can blow your mind, from the beauty of people, nature and buildings but those things change or grow old. But knowing that I can capture a moment or freeze a frame and it will remain the same forever until u lost it dahh lol…….. so in other words I would say falling in love with photography and falling in love with the world and people is different things but falling in love with both is the key to open your mind and see things that other people cants see and be able to show them it’s a blessing over all the blessings………

But the


What moments do you like to capture?

If I could I would love to capture every persons life story so that they can see how beautiful this world is but Im not able to do that so I would say capturing emotions of people weather its at a wedding party, birthday party or church service we let our true emotions out an dthose are the little things that I like to bring out to everyone the true innerself/ selftrue……………..

How many years’ experience do you have?

What training do you have?

Photography is something I started at home in my bedroom with no training or guidance but the hanger for more beautiful moments that happens around us drived me to learn more and doing a photography course with Shaw Academy who taught me from entry level to be professional I am today but leaning does not end they is more things I need to learn from everyone of you ……..

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