Let me give you a quick summery of myself.  I am a Michigander, a wife, a pit bull owner, a beach bum, a traveler, a business owner, a sister, a camper, a romantic, and a photographer.   My greatest goal in life is to live each moment to the fullest.  That could mean something as grand as hiking in the Rocky Mountains or something simpler like sipping a cold drink on the beach in the summer sun.

Since l want to live my life this way, I can’t think of a better job than doing something I love.  Photography is my passion.  Being able to create something that is your own and then show it off to the world to see is amazing to me.  Photos are art but they are also stories.   Each image is a memory that you can hold in your hands and look back on.  That is why I do what I do; to capture those perfect moments that you can share and remember forever.

This is me, now I want to know about you. :)

Hello, I'm Trisha Bruins